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 State Convener Rajiv Gandhi Panchayti Raj Sanghthan.






He did Anti Corruption campaign and made the people awake how the congress party took steps to eradicate corruption like implementation of right to information bill.

At the same time exposed dual face of baba ramdev to the public.He made the rural masses aware of state and centeral policies and helped them in getting the maximum benefits from these policies also did all his duties responsibilities sincerely and honestly assign by PYC.

He also work as a Secretary, Rajasthan Pradesh Yuth Congress 2009 to 2010 in Rajsamand district. He did all his duties and responsibilities as a incharge of rajsamand district on organizational level. 

  • State convener Rajiv Gandhi Panchayti Raj Sangathan since 2016
  • National In charge election preparedness youth congress
  • National Secretary Indian Youth Congress,
  • State Youth Congress  In- charge: MADHYA PRADESH, HIMACHAL PRADESH, JHARKHAND 2011 to 2015
  • General Secretary Youth Congress Jaipur Rural Lok Sabha - 2010- 2011.
  • Elected Youth congress delegate from Phulera assembly
  • Secretary Rajasthan Pradesh Youth Congress 2009-2010 
  • Vice President Public Grievance and Complaint cell, RPCC 2009- 2011 
  • General Secretary Public Grievance and Complaint cell, RPCC 2007 -2009 
  • Secretary Public Grievance and Complaint cell,2005 -2007 
  • Treasurer Rajasthan Pradesh Youth Congress 2007-2009 
  • Secretary, General Secretary ,Vice President Youth Congress 2004- 2007 
  • Proud Worker ---- NSUI and Youth Congress from 1997 to 2004


स्वच्छता से दूर स्वच्छ भारत अभियान , ग्रामीणों के लिए  बना सरदर्द-


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Right to.... Education

Access to Healthcare

Strength and Empower Women

Respite for Farmers

Jan Chetna rally

He actively worked for in 2008 state vidhan sabha Elections. He design and Led "Jan Chetna Rally" in 8 districts of rajasthan during 2008 state vidhan sabha elections.

Vidhan Sabha Gherav

He has actively worked in 2008 state vidhan sabha elections. At that time he besiege the assemly with their party members in jaipur.

Career Counselling

As a worker he made the groups of students to guide the new students for their carrier counselling through professors.Help the rural students in the addmissons according their choice of subjects and colleges.

Lok sabha Elections

He work in Rajsamand district during Lok Sabha Elections of 2009 and finally they won the elections.During this time he initiated a drive for cleaning up rajsamand lake which is a prominent Landmark.


He Conduct a seminar "THe Role Of Rajiv Gandhi In Youth" in Rajsamand District.He aiso conduct many educational seminars for poor poor students and provide study matarial for them in these seminars.

Other events and Rallies

He worked on social and organizational grounds.During the BJP led arrange more then 20 rallies.Work for the support and honour freedom fighters.He gave 750 legal aid to the socialites poor people.Participate in Himalayan car rally seven times.




Our aim is to meet the learning needs of children with special focus on students from poor class and deprived section.

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We believe that all the sections of the society should have an access to Primary health care and growth of medical care and public health facilities remains our top most agenda..

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We are committed to the safety, security and well being of women. Sanitation for women, literacy and crime against women are big concern.

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To give economic boost to the farmers and promotion of the agricultural sector in Rajasthan.

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THe Conduct a seminar "THe Role Of Rajiv Gandhi In Youth" in Rajsamand District..

  • 2011: Addressed 729 complaints and grievances with the help of concerned authorties
  • 2010: Addressed 1172 complaits and grevances withe the help of Rajasthan Goverment.
  • 2009: Addressed 1645 complaints and grievances with the help of Rajasthan Goverment.
  • 2008: Addressed 1309 complaints and grievances.
  • 2007: Addressed 1564 complaints and grievances.
  • 2005 to 2007: During the BJP Govt. led more then 20 rallies and compaigned for demanding the basic ammunities for the public.
  • 2007 to 2009: Gave strength to the youth congress by supporting on all grounds and designed and led the "jan chetna rally".
  • 2004 to 2007: Protest the state BJP govt. bad policies and implements and also started anti liquor campaigns.
  • 1997 to 2004: Arranged scholarship to the poor students.
  • 2007 to Till the time: Work for the support and honour freedom fighters and the family of late freedom fighters
  • Acitvely work in the Indian Desert Adventure Foundation.


एक देश की संस्कृति वहाँ रहने वाले लोगो के दिलो मे व उनकी आत्मा मे निवास करती है | हम क्या कर सकते है तथा हमारे कुछ करने की योग्यता का अंतर ही विश्व की अधिकांश समस्याओ को हल करने के लिए पर्याप्त होगा | अहिंसा मानव जाति के लिए सबसे बड़ी ताकत है यह मानव द्वारा तैयार विनाश के ताकतवर हथियार से भी अधिक शक्तिशाली है | मेरा धर्म सत्य ओर अहिंसा पर आधारित है | सत्य मेरा भगवान है तथा अहिंसा ओर उसे साकार करने का साधन है |महात्मा गांधी



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